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What To Do Before Your Session
Hydrate: A 30-minute sauna session can cause you to lose up to 1L of water! That said, it's important to hydrate during the day leading up to your session. We recommend you drink a few extra glasses of water in the hours before your session start time.

Eat (But Not Too Much): You should not experience hot + cold on a full stomach. Eat your last meal at least two hours before your session and have a light snack beforehand, if needed.

Rinse Off: Make sure to rinse off any makeup, oils, or lotions.

Arrive Sober: Under no circumstances do we permit drugs or alcohol. For your safety, we ask that you come clear-headed.
What To Bring
All you need is a swimsuit. Note that you’ll be asked to take off your shoes upon arrival and are welcome to walk in your socks or barefoot. Please bring indoor shoes, if you prefer.
What You'll Be Provided With
Two towels, a spacious changeroom with automatic lockers, showers, and other amenities, such as blow-dryers and body lotion. Filtered water and complimentary tea will also be available in the space.
When To Arrive
We recommend you arrive 10 minutes before your start time so that you have time to check-in and get ready for your session.
We recommend you pre-register for a session to secure your spot. While we allow walk-ins without pre-registration, we cannot guarantee that there will be a spot available.
If a session is full, we encourage you to add yourself to the waitlist.

If a spot becomes available more than one hour before class, you will receive an automated email or text message at that time.

If a spot becomes available less than one hour before class, we will email or call you to confirm your reservation.

If you cannot be reached, you will not be added to the class and we will continue down the waitlist.

In the case that you are added to the class, you are responsible for attendance or cancellation. If you are not added from the waitlist, your credit will not be used and will remain available.
Class registration may be canceled online up to 8 hours before session start time through your online account. We are not able to accommodate phone or email cancellations. Should you cancel with less than 8 hour notice, you will lose the session credit or face a $15 fee for Unlimited Members.
Late Arrivals
For Flexible Drop-In sessions, if you are more than 15 minutes late, you will not be allowed entry into the space. For Structured Classes, no latecomers will be admitted into the space after class start time, out of respect for the space and your fellow community members.
No Show
If you do not show up for your scheduled session, your credit will be forfeited. For those on an Unlimited Membership, a fee of $25 will be charged in the event of a no show.
Cell Phones
Cell phones are to be stored in lockers, and are not to be taken with you into the sauna + ice bath area. You are welcome to use your cell phone outside of the sauna + ice bath area; however, out of respect for others in the space, please refrain from pictures, calls, and always have your phone on silent.
Dress Code
Swimsuits are required for all guests. When getting dressed or undressed, please use the private stalls in the changeroom.
Sauna Etiquette
Enter and exit the sauna quickly. It's required that you remove your indoor slippers when you enter the sauna and that you sit on the towel provided to you. Respect others’ practice and keep your voice low. If you’d like to throw water on the rocks in a drop-in session, please ask your fellow sauna-goers beforehand.
Ice Bath Etiquette
Our ice baths can accommodate up to four people. That said, please respect others’ space and move in and out of the ice bath slowly. If you’d like to have the ice bath to yourself, please ask a Facilitator and they will try their best to accommodate.
Lost & Found
All lost and found items are stored in the studio for two weeks. After two weeks, items will be donated to local charities.
Take Responsibility
It is your responsibility to check-in with yourself before, during, and after an Alter session. If you are pregnant, have cardiovascular or respiratory conditions, high or low blood pressure, or a history of fainting, this may not be the right activity for you. If you have any doubts or concerns, please consult with your physician. If at any point you feel dizzy or unwell while at Alter, please let a Facilitator or Instructor know.
Emergency Response
A First Aid Kit will be available onsite and in the event of a serious incident, 911 will be notified.
All ice baths at Alter undergo sanitization with health-approved levels of chlorine and are emptied and refilled every 1-2 days. We undergo routine cleaning and maintenance, with manual water testing every 2-4 hours. Cleaners will also be onsite at all times to clean and clear common areas.
Payment Terms
All prices are subject to HST.

Payment is due upon purchase of any pass or services.

You will not be able to register for sessions if there is no current or active pass on your account.

Cash Free: We are a cash free studio and accept debit or credit.
There are no refunds or returns on purchases for session packs, memberships, gift cards, or merchandise.
Gift Card Redemption
Follow these steps to redeem an Alter gift card:
1) Create or log in to your Alter account
2) Under Payment Methods, click the option to redeem a gift card
3) Enter the code on the back of your physical gift card or in your email gift card
4) Redeem!

Dollar Gift Cards: Once you redeem, the gifted dollar amount will be added to your Account Balance, which can be applied to any Alter purchase.

Credit Gift Cards: Once you redeem, the gifted number of credits will be added to your account and will be visible under Memberships & Credits. These credits can be used toward any drop-in session or class.
Membership Terms
Auto-Renew Membership contracts consist of automatic withdrawals from your credit card, starting the day you sign up for your membership.

Memberships are no commitment.

Memberships are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Should a default occur on an Auto Payment, the membership will be placed on hold until resolution.
Top-Up Sessions
Additional classes beyond what is permitted in your membership tier can be taken at Discounted Top-Up Rate of $40. Unused sessions do not roll over to the next cycle.
Membership Holds & Cancellations
Temporary freezes may be made on your membership a maximum of two times per billing year. Each freeze must be at least 14 days long. However, you cannot put your membership on hold for more than 45 days per billing year. To put your membership on hold, please provide at least 7 days notice and email us at hello@alterwellness.ca

To cancel, you must give a minimum 15 days notice before your next automatic payment date. If notice is given less than 15 days before the next pay period, Alter will take one additional membership fee after the cancellation has been made, and membership privileges will continue for the duration of that additional cycle charged. To submit your cancellation request, please email us at hello@alterwellness.ca


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